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 HARMONY MASSAGE: relax and wellnes:
envelops the body with a pleasant fragrance. The fresh notes of camphor wood and sweet accents of vanilla and citrus provide for relax and wellness

50 min

OLIVE OIL RITUAL- relaxing mind and body
Oriental massage followed by a relaxing massage through a flow of warm oil on the head, elixirs made of olive oil, spices and fruit essences.
A prelude to an escape sensory....

75 min

The Old Oriental Tradition Meets Western
regenerates the body, relaxes the mind, loosens the stress

 MASSAGE VITALITY a powerfuul dose of energy for body and spirit:
Discover a stimulating massage based on arnica, an herb renowned for its revitalizing properties. Enriched with Juniper, with its fortifying accents and its unique fragrance notes, intensifies the effect of this invigorating massage

50 min

SHIATSU TREATMENT: The Benefits of Shiatsu,

leading to an overall level ofpsychological well-being. "It improves and regulates the metabolism" "Enhances the efficiency of the immune system" "Enhances individual skills

60 min

ORIENTAL MASSAGE: to leave the daily stress and mental and physical fatigue.

50 min

LUXURY RITUAL - relaxing time exclusive candle light Couples massage in hot oil basedi


60 min

QI-GONG SESSIONS: include meditation, mental concentration, breath control andmovements of special exercise.

60 min

BALANCE MASSAGE an oasis of calm and tranquility:
The relaxing properties of European plants, angelica, lavender, tangerine and grapefruit join calming effect of the exotic scents of incense, patchouli and ylang-ylang and precious aroma of Indian nardcoming directly from the slopes of 'Himalaya

50 min

Qi-Gong practice is generally for the maintenance of good health and physical andpsychological well-being, through the care and growth of its internal energy

60 min

SWEET MASSAGE WAITING:. Massage with a unique precious butter to nourish and give elasticity to the skin, waiting to pamper your baby.


50 min




SESSION DO-IN: In the Do is a combination of specific stretching exercisescombined with breathing techniques, of self-massage and exercises to develop themovement of Ki, thus improving our health, harmonized by a great coordination.

60 min
  60 min

RECONNECTIVE HEALING:You reconnect to your natural state, which involves the Wellness and unity with All That Is '.

40 min


CRISTINA, Naturopath and Beautician graduated from the school RIZA

GIORGIO BERTAZZONI certified operator in
The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing


You can schedule your package, indicating treatments and massages that you are interested in your email booking, we take care to quote the whole package, stay +treatments, and organize your schedule of your sessions giving you the best way to plan your holiday. Or you can plan at your arrival arranged with reception. All thiscompatible with the availability at time of booking