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21 May 2018

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The “Honesty Bar”

Do not miss the chance to taste one of the excellent wines of our “Honesty Bar”..

What is it?

In the buvette at the end of the living room, just before the kitchen. We set up a “wine cellar” equipped with a small but particular wine proposal, where our Merlot “VIVERE” is in good company of regional and national wines, chosen not only for their quality, but also for the the stories that carry around,

How does it work?

Choose your favorite bottle, mark on the appropriate register, name of the wine on the label, your room number, your name and signed, the cost will be charged to the room bill, glasses and lever corks you find them on, or in the lockers , if you do not know your room number, take a look at the map on the last page.

The wine list?

In your Suite you will find the “Honesty Bar” wine list, for each wine, as well as a brief description of the winery that produces it,
you will find the data sheet and, to facilitate the search, an image of the bottle. You will find a copy of the wine list also in the living room.

But if you already want to take a look:

The map

Where you find the ” Honesty BAr” and which number has your Suite?