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17 May 2018

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And when evening falls...

Pizzeria Centrale

And when evening falls…

It’s time to meet up at the restaurant for a delicious pizza and a chat with friends. Just a 5 minute walk from the Hotel, our “Pizzeria Centrale” has two truly unique rooms with characteristic archways and a beautiful outdoor garden for those warm summer evenings. Its elegant yet informal atmosphere make it the ideal venue for meeting friends and tasting our specialities.

In addition to our excellent pizzas, we also offer tasty starters, delicious first courses and irresistible salads, teamed of course with our authentic home-made extra virgin olive oil. “Carne salada” (in English “salted meat”) is a typical local dish still prepared today by Claudio in line with the ancient family recipe. Guests can wash it all down with the top regional wines or with a cool beer made by one of the many micro-breweries personally selected by us from all over Italy…

And when it comes to pizza...

All our pizzas are made using stone-milled flour obtained from organic agriculture. In addition to the classic pizza made with white flour, you can also choose from:

Pizza with  “pizza in Forma” flour

A blend of different flours containing extraordinary nutritional and functional properties with approximately 50% less calories than a traditional pizza made with refined pastry flour.

– 100% organic and GMO-free = all natural properties to minimise the risks of food intolerance;

– Khorasan wheat and Spelt, exclusively stone-ground to preserve their functional substances;

– Leavened with starter dough to activate a physiological process that transforms certain components of the gluten, making it easier to digest;

– Enriched with micronised Soy to reduce the overall carbohydrates and increase the vegetable protein content.


This last aspect is very important as it generates a gentler blood glucose response, making this blend ideal for diabetics or those seeking to keep an eye on their weight. Finally, it favours the assimilation of functional substances that are crucial for our biological equilibrium, such as fibre, vitamins, polyphenols and isoflavones.

The result is an extremely light, fragrant pizza with a delicious taste, topped with condiments that enhance its flavour and make it very easy to digest.

Pizza with Spelt flour

Spelt is a strong, pure ancient grain, rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, and full of fibre and minerals. It has a high protein content and is easy to digest.

Pizza made with gluten-free dough

WARNING: Although the dough we use does not contain gluten, the filling and cooking processes are not performed in sterile environments and so we are unable to guarantee that the pizza has not come into contact with materials or foodstuffs contaminated with GLUTEN. It is therefore your own responsibility to evaluate your own level of intolerance and order accordingly. Should you require further information of any kind, please contact our staff.

Pizza with “Senatore Cappelli” durum wheat flour

This is a variety of durum wheat that was a staple in the Italian diet in the first half of the twentieth century. In the 1970s, it almost completely disappeared as it was genetically modified to obtain the Creso variety.   It has recently reappeared and is now cultivated in several areas in the south of Italy, focusing especially on safeguarding quality. Senatore Cappelli durum wheat can be considered an “ancient” grain, the predecessor of today’s durum wheat variety, as it is not contaminated by mutagenesis like many of the other cereals grown today. Its height (160 to 180cm) and its well-developed root system help it to suffocate weeds and therefore make it very suitable for organic agriculture.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil VIVERE
The oil that you find on the table, produced by the farm faily, was awarded the SILVER medal for the category medium fruity, at the prestigious international exhibition “Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition” There are more than 600 entries this year. In the same competition, the label, was awarded with the gold medal, in the category Art/Illustration. Use of original illustration as the driving element of the package design.