I have always been searching for meanings, for answers, for more.

As a child I was creative but lonely. My world was a place where magic could happen anytime, I was often lost into books, movies, paintings. As I grow older the magic started to fade away… I was left with a sense of not belonging, emptiness, flatness. Things started to become difficult… bringing me to bad experiences. I loved my BA in Philosophy, where I found some magic again into the theories of Plato, Spinoza, Heidegger. After living in Madrid I started desiring the big city life, a wish that got me to London. I studied MA in Contemporary Art Theories, again following the magic into the world of Visual Culture. London has brought me to touch the bottom of my dissatisfaction towards modern lifestyle… I became restless and nervous like a caged tiger. I was slowly but gradually introduced to the magic of Yoga, finally a philosophy that was going beyond the written words of those beautiful manuals I studied, a philosophy that becomes reality, daily magic and wonder. My passion brought me to India in 2012. I started my daily practice after my visit to Rishikesh where a woman called Raja Kumari taught me the basic of Hatha Yoga. I haven’t stop since. Until now my day doesn’t feel magic enough if I don’t either sit into meditation, use Yoga Asana to feel my body into the here and now, control and stretch my breath with Pranayama. I have studied in London Vinyasa Flow 200 hours with YogaLondon and continued my education in Hatha 300 hours with British Wheel of Yoga. My current inspirations are Meghan Currie, Susan Powers, the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist philosophy, Anusara Yoga and Qi Gong. In order to draw a bridge from my yoga practice to my academic background I have studied Philosphical Counseling, a healing practice that uses the gifts of Western Philosophy instead of Psychology. Following my wish of deeper connection I found Thai Massage that opened up a whole new dimension of relating to other souls. I can state with no doubt that I my life I have found again the same magic I had as a child, with the difference that now the magic is shared with others, so I don’t feel lonely anymore, but part of something bigger than me, then you, then us…something that is SOULFUL.

Thank you for reading :)”


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(enjoyable with arrival on any day of the week)


1st Day Arrival

(17:00) Giulia presentation with natural energy drink and folder delivery with program

2nd Day

(08:00) Morning yoga class

(09.30) Breakfast

(between13:00 – 17:00) massage with Massimo

(18:00) evening yoga class

3rd Day Departure

(08:00) morning yoga class + Greeting

(09:30) Breakfast

(11:30) Check-out room (possibility to enjoy the hotel services until 16:00

Price added to the stay – 450.00 Euro / Person