Lake Garda

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17 May 2018

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A lake that offers a thousand opportunities to have fun rocked by the wind.

A lake that offers a thousand opportunities to have fun rocked by the wind.


Lake Garda is the largest and most popular lake in Italy, a paradise for those who love sports on water and on land: its Trentino shores attract each year thousands of tourists.

Veneto, Lombardia and now also Trentino come together to submit an application for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List

After Lombardy and Veneto, now Trentino is also joining the line of supporters who want to include the largest Italian lake in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites: a step to improve the management of coastal areas and to further enhance the Lake’s reputation worldwide.

Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake and a popular tourist destination both nationally and internationally. Hinge between the three regions, Lombardy (province of Brescia), Veneto (province of Verona) and Trentino-South Tyrol (province of Trento), the lake is surrounded to the South by the morainic hills uncovered by retreating ice, and in the higher and narrower part to the North by high mountain ranges that give it the shape and conformation of a fjord and protect it, making its climate particularly mild with a rich Mediterranean vegetation.Only the northern part belongs to Trentino: here as nowhere else, the Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda blends well with the Alpine area. The surrounding mountains may tower at more than 2,000 metres, but olive and lemon trees bloom on the Lake’s shore. Which is why the Garda in Trentino is loved by mountain bikers, hikers, climbers and sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Next to its natural beauty, the Lake Garda area is rich in exceptional cultural, landscape, historical and architectural resources..


Three souls in one environment

between water, wind, sky, earth …


Mild climate, olive trees, gardens and Art Nouveau atmosphere, today Arco is the sport climbing capital

Wonderful palaces and gardens, the charm of traditional hospitality and a mild climate all year around.

In the late nineteenth century Archduke Albert of Austria defined Arco as a natural sanatorium thanks to its pure air. Shortly afterwards many health centers arose in Arco, where baths, inhalations, heliotherapy and further health spa treatments are still practiced today. The Austrian domination definitely left its distinctive mark to this town and its parks, gardens, buildings and well-designed art nouveau palaces. In the old town you can see a series of remarkable worked stone portals. Moreover, in the Arboreto you can admire plants from all over the world along a route that leads to the public gardens and a romantic walk amongst olive groves on the way to the Medieval Castle, built by the Counts of Arco on the summit of a rocky peak overlooking the whole Sarca Valley…

Riva del Garda

A palette of colours for the pearl of Lake Garda

On the northern shore of Lake Garda lies Riva del Garda, a place where the azure of the water and the sky, the green of the Mediterranean vegetation, and the white of the beaches combine to create a work of art.

We are on the northern shore of Lake Garda, 50 kilometres from Trento. Riva del Garda has about 17,000 inhabitants, and is located at 65 metres above sea level. The town and its surrounding areas are so full of olive trees, lemon trees, and palms, that it is almost like being near the sea, but the mountains in the background remind us that we are not far from the Dolomites of Trentino.


Ideal destination for windsurfing and sailing

An ideal destination for windsurfing and sailing, it offers beaches, cycle paths and lots of fun. Torbole is the gateway to the large lake of holidays, with equipped beaches, beautiful views and endless opportunities for those who love sports: bike paths, climbing, mountain biking ….