VIVERE suites and rooms

10 Januar 2021

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Dear Customer ,

Thanking you for the trust you place in us, I would like to personally assure you that your safety and that of our collaborators have always been and will remain the priority that will guide us in our decisions.

Our „mission“ has always been the well-being of our guests, in all respects, and for this reason we have attached crucial importance to the design and functionality of the architecture of the Hotel, to the origin and quality of food we serve, to the philosophy of wellness, the competence of the guides and the quality of the materials who will accompany you in your outdoor adventures and we have always given a lot of evidence in our communication.

Cleanliness and healthiness of the hotel on the other hand, even though it was always been a priority for us, were never been emphasized in our communication, that because they are considered a basic requirement, as well normal life practice, but, in this particular moment I realize that some more information would please you..

We took advantage of the accumulated experience during the last summer season (during which the virus has not passed through our gates) to update our protocols with even higher standards than the guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization ) .
In addition to the standard procedures, we have equipped ourselves with new machinery and equipment that allow us to sanitize, dishes, linen and all the hotel rooms with even greater safety.

By booking a stay here at the VIVERE suites and rooms, you will have the certainty that we have put in place all the necessary measures with responsibility, to guarantee you maximum safety, such as:
– rigorous sanitation of rooms, common areas and contact points (door handles, lifts, reception counters, common bathrooms, conference rooms, etc.);
– hand disinfectants placed in the contact areas of the Guests;
– thermometers available at receptions to conduct body temperature checks on request;
– provision of medical masks and gloves for our Guests and collaborators on request;
– specialized training of our collaborators aimed at guaranteeing the knowledge and compliance with the hygiene and safety protocols.


We also think, that in this moment of uncertainty, you can appreciate our greater flexibility in accepting any cancellations and make your choice to book your next vacation here at the VIVERE suites and rooms as easy as possible. As we did for 2020 bookings, also for all the 2021 bookings, we will keep the guarantee of the widest flexibility in your bookings, allowing in case of cancellations due to proven reasons related to COVID-19 (such as for example: quarantine, illness, closure of borders, etc …) free cancellation up to 48 before your arrival, even the change of booking date will enjoy the same facilities. Visit our website or call us to get the best flexibility conditions.

So I hope to welcome you soon here at VIVERE suites and rooms,
waiting for your contact I wishing you right now a great holiday.