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17 May 2018

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Extravergin Olives Oli


very year, in the month of October, our family gathers among the olive trees on the hill overlooking Chiarano to harvest the olives used to make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Traditionally, we use lots of this liquid gold

when preparing meals for our family and in our Restaurant, but we have also experimented by using it for holistic purposes, soon reaping its countless benefits in the practice of massage.


Extra Virgin Oil Olives

Our oil is produced with the olives grown in Arco, the northernmost point of the world, beyond the 46th parallel, where the olive tree still yields its fruits.

This is why the oil produced on the Trento side of Lake Garda has a noteworthy concentration of polyphenols, the natural antioxidants which are essential for keeping the body in great shape. This miracle of nature is generated by the typical Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda and the ancient cultivation techniques used, which embody maximum respect for the environment and for the dedication of the generations who have strived so hard to look after it with love and affection. All this comes together and the result is a greenish gold extra virgin olive oil, with an inebriating scent and a strong flavour, featuring an aftertaste of green almond, artichoke and herbs.


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