The poetry of an ancient tradition...


For generations, our family has had a particular connection with the land and with nature. The ancient art of farming has been handed down from father to son until the present day.
Tending to the family vines is a daily commitment and one that accompanies us all through the summer, until the season’s work ends with the grape harvest. The harvest heralds the beginning of a new experience with an almost mystical feel, involving all the phases of the wine-making process. These are performed with secret methods, jealously guarded by each wine-maker in turn, and lead to the production of the most famous drink known by man since time began: wine. Here, it goes by the name of MERLOT Trentino doc.
Looking after our olive trees is another important part of our family tradition. These ancient, elegant plants can be difficult to manage, but when tended to with love and respect, they certainly bear generous fruits.

And when autumn draws in and the first dews bathe the hills, the days become shorter and the olive harvest begins. Usually, with all hands on deck, it doesn’t take longer than about a week: seven or eight endless days of hard work that start early in the morning and stretch into the late evening, when the olives are taken to the mill. Here, all our hard work is rewarded with a fine extra virgin olive oil that we know simply as “OLIO”, but which contains all the poetry of its surroundings. It has been made from olives that have miraculously grown in a land beyond the 46th parallel, the northernmost point of the world where they are capable of ripening. Olives that, brimming with scents, notes and flavours, had been caressed by the warm morning sun only a few hours before, and have now been transformed into oil with rare nutritional, anti-oxidising and rejuvenating properties. An oil that secrets these away until required to enhance our tastiest dishes, releasing its flavour and scent to present us with an elixir of life.